The Community Academic Partnership (CAP) is a collaboration between community-based organizations and academia with a common aim to improve the health of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Evidence-based health promotion programs and tools have been developed for implementation by organizations to share with people affected by I/DD.


HealthMatters™ classes for people with I/DD: Taking Charge of Your Health

Do you know the importance of a leading healthy lifestyle?
Do you know how important your health is if you want to be independent?
Would you like to learn how to achieve a lifetime of healthy habits?

The classes available to you are:
HealthMatters™ Program – This class includes education and fitness.
HealthMessages Program – This is an educational class.

People with I/DD can take classes at the Killian Center, located in Lake County, Illinois, or we can make other arrangements with you.

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HealthMatters™ Program for community-based organizations


The HealthMatters™ Program envisions people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) being empowered to Take Charge of Their Health.

The Train-the-Trainer classes introduce you to real-life solutions that can improve the quality of health care for this underserved population.

Training and education

HealthMatters™ Program training sessions for community-based organizations, health professionals, families, and persons with disabilities are held throughout the United States and include:

  • HealthMatters™ Program
  • HealthMessages Program
  • Getting the Memo
  • Signs&Symptoms Program
  • HealthAdvocacy Program
  • HealthMatters™ 4Kids
  • Customized trainings


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